Brazilian Blow Dry, Hair Color & Haircut at Tomahawk Salon for P1499 instead of P9000

Hair’s most important task is to protect your scalp from the elements, and it takes quite a beating doing so which makes fulfilling its second most important task that much harder: enhancing one’s looks. You turn to products and too much styling just to deal with the frizz. If to no avail, cutesy hats as a last resort. Don’t hide hair that’s gone by the wayside. Have it gently treated back to life with today’s MetroDeal: Indulge in Hair Luxury and Pamper Your Locks with Brazilian Blow Dry, Color & Haircut at Tomahawk Salon for P1499 instead of P9000.

Hair should be flaunted and not hidden under fedoras and in ponytails day in and day out. No more hiding in the shadows. If dull and frizzy hair keeps you from enjoying your crowning glory, a Brazilian Blow Dry is the perfect treatment for you. Hair left to its own devices will misbehave at the slightest change in the weather, and will simply choose between being limp and looking unbearably poufy.

Tomahawk Salon’s Brazilian Blow Dry is done with cosmetics giant Revlon so you’re sure it’s gentler than most other straightening treatments. It’s essentially a hair-smoothing treatment that saves your hair from the ravages of war waged on it by the elements, makes sleek what is too curly and voluminous, yet also gives limp hair oomph and shine. The process uses protein and amino acids to make hair silky, strong and healthy by coating it with a protective layer that shields each strand from future assailants. Setting and sealing the nutrients in takes about an hour depending on your hair length but the effect lasts for months and eliminates the hassle of arduous styling every single day. Complete the look with a new hair color and a cut that flatters.

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