Cool Gel Pillow Pad over Your Pillow for Better Sleep for P799 instead of P1600

When was the last time you slept a straight eight hours? Maybe during those summer nights when you were forced to turn on the air-conditioning which you grudgingly gave up at the sight of your summer electric bill. Sleep as soundly as a baby ensconced in comfort with today’s MetroDeal:  Place a Soothingly Cool Gel Pillow Pad over Any Pillow for Better Sleep for P799 instead of P1600.

As soundly as if you had the air-conditioner on is music to anyone’s ears who’s conscious about saving energy as well as the lifespan of a paycheck. The Cool Gel Pillow Pad, imported from Japan where innovation always improves upon itself, features water-based gel with water-absorbing resin inserted inside a washable pillow cover made of soft fabric that’s gentle to the touch.

Slow to warm, the Cool Gel Pillow Pad works by absorbing body heat to cool you down so you can slowly sink into the deep sleep your body needs to recharge. You can also use the Cool Gel Pillow Pad as a seat pad to boost the comfort of your office chair, or as a prop under your tired lower back when you lie down to rest. Whatever way you use the Gel Pillow Pad, it spells cool comfort from the get-go.

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