Bistro Mercato: Sisig, Sinigang, BBQ, Caldereta, Drinks & More for 4 Persons for P499 instead of P1500

Forget Asian fusion and its tricky unpronounceable names for a while, and turn your attention a little closer to home with today’s MetroDeal: Enjoy sumptuous Filipino Cuisine at Bistro Mercato with Sisig, Sinigang, BBQ, Caldereta and Lumpia Shanghai with Iced Tea & Rice for 4 persons for P499 instead of P1500.

Indulge in delectable Filipino favorites that never fail to spice up any meal. Bring the gang or the family and share in a plate of Sizzling Sisig and a bowl of Beef Caldereta that’s good for sharing. Pass around the four-piece Barbeque and the Lumpia Shanghai after you tell that Pugad Baboy joke, and don’t forget the rice. If it’s raining, perfect! There’s a steaming bowl of everybody’s favorite, Pork Sinigang. Fill up your glasses with iced tea that goes with your set meal.

When taking too many chances doesn’t sound all that tempting, Filipino dishes have long been everyone’s flavorful failsafe, when you just want to feel happy with delicious food you know by heart without thinking too much about it. At Bistro Mercato, you’re sure of palate-pleasing food in every bowl and plate set in front of you. Not that these dishes are totally devoid of foreign influences, in fact you’d be hard pressed to find a Filipino dish that doesn’t have its origins in lands far, far away. Spanish, Chinese, Malay—you name it, we have it. That’s what makes homegrown dishes so exciting, and when they come together in one table with friends and family with you, it’s comfort food through and through.

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