Digital Perming or Hair Rebonding with Haircut & Treatment at Mary Pauline Salon for P999 instead of P6500

Pump up the volume or smoothen frizz with today’s MetroDeal: P999 instead of P6500 for a Luxurious Digital Perm or Hair Rebonding both with an intense nourishing treatment and a haircut at Mary Pauline Salon, a deal that saves you 85%.

Digital perming is also called a hot perm, one reason could be that you make people gasp at the sight of you. The other reason is that styling and upkeep are very easy with just the blow-dryer as your only styling aid. All you need to do is dry your hair with it and scrunch the curls with your hands, curling random locks here and there with just your fingers, and you’re done when your hair’s dry. No need for styling products at all. The curls grow looser throughout the day which is great for a night on the town. If you want the curls tighter again, just duck into the ladies’ lounge for three minutes and twirl locks with your fingers. That’s it, curls as good as new.

Hair Rebonding is boon for frizz, that noxious veil that seems to form over your head just to make you look unkempt. Well, no more! Hair Rebonding smoothens your strands to make your hair silky straight and more manageable, and you definitely more polished. Complete the transformation with an intensely nourishing treatment that makes your curly or straight tresses look healthier, a haircut to mix it up a bit and make your crown feel a little less weighty.

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