Face or Underarm Whitening at MTD Dermamedics for P199 instead of P1500

You buy these sexy shoulder-baring clothes in the hope of wearing them someday. You will look resplendent in them if not for those pesky shady characters otherwise known as your tad-too-dark underarms. Same goes for all the make-up you buy for when your facial discolorations even out. Someday is finally here with today’s MetroDeal: Get Rid of Dark, Uneven Skin Tone with Face or Underarm Whitening Treatment at MTD Dermamedics for P199 instead of P1500.

At the clinic, an aesthetician treats the affected area with a potent and intensive whitening product that lightens discolorations caused by harsh deodorants, shaving or acne scars. A whitening serum is then slathered onto your skin to effectively bar further production of melanin, the substance responsible for giving hair and skin their color but also has the nasty habit of camping out in huge amounts especially in the armpit area and around facial scars.

Depending on the gravity of your problem, the treatment effectively brightens the skin a couple of shades lighter after a session, and will continue to do so with each subsequent visit until you achieve the level of fairness you desire.

Look dazzlingly radiant with fairer skin. You can opt for just a facial whitening, but not go for the whole caboodle and include your underarms as well? One treatment is at an unbelievable 87% off, after all. All treatments are safe, and done by well-trained specialists.

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