Ikea Chosigt Lolly Maker for P199 instead of P399

Jack Frost zooms through the village looking for fun. Out of nowhere, the fruit fairies join him so kids and the kids-at-heart can enjoy frosty fruity fun. Experience delightful frosted pops anytime you want in the comfort of your home with today’s MetroDeal: 6 Frozen Pops with an Ikea Chosigt Lolly Makerfor P199 instead of P399

Expect to hear the hoorays of your little tots as they grab those colorful chilled desserts.  Turn delicious drinks into frozen delights or experiment to whip up brilliant concoctions you and your kids would love. Make preparation time great bonding moments and let the little ones help out in combining ingredients and pouring the mixture into six Popsicle molds of the Ikea Chosigt Lolly Maker.   

Lolly Maker is a well-designed kitchen tool which has six sturdy molds with sticks that keep frosted delights upright while they are in the refrigerator.  It’s ideal for any mom and dad’s kitchen because adorable angels deserve fun desserts that are healthy while saving money from store-bought junk food.  

Let the kids keep believing as they savor the healthy sweetness and wonders of frosty fruity pops and they might catch a glimpse of Jack Frost frolicking with fruit fairies in the yard with this latest offer from MetroDeal.

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