Bouquet of 12 Beautiful Roses from Pinas Flower for P399 instead of 1500

When you want to flatter, flowery words will do. If you want for something beautiful to bloom between you and someone special, only lovely flowers will suffice. Let her count the petals and the shades of your adoration in red, pink, yellow, white or peach with today’s MetroDeal: Let Love Bloom with a Beautiful Bouquet of 12 Lovely Roses from Pinas Flower for P399 instead of 1500 – Save 73%.

You can promise to pluck stars from the heavens for her, or stare at her from across the table for hours on end. You can surprise her with a bucket of red-hot spicy buffalo wings to let her know she’s red-hot sexy in your book. But nothing makes a woman feel more of a woman than roses in her favorite color. It could be a single rose or six or twelve, but why not make it twelve? Sure, it’s been done over and over again—by you even—but it’s never overdone nor does it ever get old.

Even if you’ve made a habit out of it, each time is still special as it assures her that nothing has changed between the two of you. And if you haven’t, here’s a tip: No girl has not secretly harbored in her heart the desire to be handed a bouquet of roses especially chosen and put together just for her. The gleam in her eyes will tell you all this true, and your efforts will soon yield something just as beautiful.

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