Radio Frequency Slimming Treatment at Bella Spa for P199 instead of P1000

There are times when you indulge in a bit of emotional eating due to stress and because there are just so many great-tasting dishes laid out in front of you that it would take the resolve of a saint not to give in. Don’t cut yourself down to size in case you packed on a bit of weight. With 21st-century innovation, shed the pounds off with today’s MetroDeal: Bring Sexy Back with a Radio Frequency Slimming Treatment at Bella Spa for P199 instead of P1000.

With RF, get a flatter tummy, slimmer legs, arms or a gracefully contoured chin without the exhausting hours at the gym, or the bandages from liposuction. RF is a state-of-the-art non-invasive technology that painlessly delivers focused energy to your body’s problem areas to achieve results faster and better. It’s ideal for body sculpting and tightening especially for the busy person.

RF treatments also lessen the appearance of cellulite brought on by fatty deposits pushed high up to the skin’s surface. Use the progress of science in how you lose weight effectively and without the hassles of running four miles a day through rain and sleet. At Bella Spa, your body is more like clay than a rigid piece of stone. With their skin care equipment and trained specialists, your body can be molded and shaped more easily than you think.

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