P99 instead of P250 for 1 Hour One-on-one Intense Boxing Session with a Trainer at Elorde Gym (9 Branches)

The Legendary Gabriel “Flash” Elorde was the first Asian to be inducted into the New York International Boxing Hall of Fame, and was also voted as the 78th best fighter by the Ring Magazine. The Elorde Boxing Gyms are a testament to his talent in the ring and with today’s MetroDeal, you can live the action through an intense boxing session for P99 instead of P250.

At the Elorde Boxing Gym, push yourself to your limits and achieve this together with a trainer that will get your skills going. The one-on-one sessions with your trainer will help you achieve better skills, style and power when boxing. As you start with the essential basics and progress your way to the top, you will go into higher level training programs. What’s more is that Elorde’s trainers are/were all professional boxers, fighting at local and international tournaments.

Ultimately, Boxing is a cardio-vascular exercise providing you best health benefits. Besides well defined arms, you will also achieve a healthier heart and better health resistance. Get the physically fit body you have always dreamed of and save 60% with today’s MetroDeal.

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