Permanent Blow Dry with Treatment & Haircut at Cristina-Jones Hair Salon for P799 instead of P4000

Do you run for dear life at the slightest bit of drizzle? In fear of frizz, women duck for cover in the face of humidity for fear of getting bigger-than-big hair. Bid frizz good riddance with today’s MetroDeal: Say Hello to Silky Hair with a Permanent Blow Dry with Nourishing Treatment & Haircut at Cristina-Jones Hair Salon for P799 instead of P4000.

If you have hair that’s more of a headache because of how it poufs out into all manners of bushiness from s mere spike in temperature, and if no matter how carefully blown-dry your hair is in the morning you still end up with flat limp hair right after lunch, the Permanent Blow Dry is the perfect treatment for you. It is essentially a hair-smoothing treatment that saves your hair from the ravages of war waged on it by the elements, and at the same time gives limp hair oomph and shine. The process uses protein and amino acids to make hair silky, strong and healthy by coating it with a protective layer that shields each strand from future assailants. Setting and sealing the nutrients in takes about an hour depending on your hair length but the effect lasts for months and months.

To keep your hair looking healthy, the Permanent Blow Dry is paired with Cristina-Jones Hair Salon’s Nourishing Treatment. Vamp up your look a couple more of notches with a flattering new cut. Out-and-out stunning is always in.

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