60-Min. Body Scrub with Whitening & Full Body Massage at Spa Ti Amo for P249 instead of P550

Left without treatment, the face and body can become a battleground between the forces of sexy and unsexy. Avoid World War III from breaking out before important meetings with today’s MetroDeal: enjoy 60 minutes of rejuvenating body scrub with whitening and full body massage at Spa Ti Amo P249 instead of P550.

The body scrub treatment will restore your body to a nubile state of relaxed joyousness unlike any since you got your braces removed. It is a unique experience that will dazzle your senses with a delightful scrub. It’s the ideal way to melt away stress whilst simultaneously improving circulation and easing muscular tension.

Stressed minds and bodies can escape to the warm and relaxing environment of Spa Ti Amo, where skilled personnel invest in the care and comfort of their clients. Refurbish your personal façade with the 60 minutes full body massage, great for ironing out annoying aches, pains and general folding creases. The therapist will tailor the treatment to suit the needs of the individual. The therapy is said to promote better sleep, initiating celebratory moves and easing stress and tension. If you’d like to hear your muscles sing joyous praise as knots untangle and blood flow increases, stress dissolves, then the sensationally soothing full body massage will come in handy.

Restoring struggling mortals and cleverly combating crafty coif curls, the experts at Spa Ti Amo offers a range of holistic services in a stylish, funky setting. The interiors and eye-catching decor helps clients feel comfy, content, and couscous-loving.

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