P1f99 instead of up to P3000 for Any of the 5 Featured RF and IPL Treatments by Surgiderm Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic

Got to get up pretty early in the morning to arrive on time in your destination, and yet you can’t help to spend minutes in front of the mirror singing “Why-why tell them that it’s human nature.”  Ask no more with today’s MetroDeal: P199 for any of the 7 featured radio frequency (RF), intense pulse light (IPL) and other beauty treatments by Surgiderm Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic and save up to P3000.

Get the chance to start anew with advance facial treatments available at Surgiderm Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic. IPL is the latest technology used to remove unwanted hair on a particular area of the body. It’s the ideal treatment if you wish to get rid of underarm and facial hair. RF, on the other hand, dispatches those heavy bags under your eyes and zaps excess facial cellulites, especially the “double chin.”

Surgiderm Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinicprovides skin care treatments ranging from the traditional, tried, and tested techniques to the latest technological innovations. Under the supervision of a medical professional, the radiofrequency and IPL laser treatments are guaranteed safe and effective with negligible downtime. With 8 convenient mall branches serving you, beauty is just around the corner, waiting to be found by those who seek it.

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