Eat-All-You-Can Buffet at Primero Casa Filipino in QC for P278 instead of P398

When it comes to Filipino cuisine, it doesn’t get any better than Primero Casa Filipino. Enjoy local flavors to the hilt with today’s MetroDeal: Enjoy a Home-Grown Smorgasbord with Well-Loved Filipino Dishes at Primero Casa Filipino`s Lunch or Dinner Buffet for P239 instead of P398 from Mondays to Thursdays, and P299 instead of P498 from Fridays to Sundays.

Primero Casa Filipino takes the Filipino cuisine to great heights to please gourmets and gourmands alike. They have managed to cultivate their patrons’ loyalty to traditional Filipino dishes as well as to introduce hints of the international with wonderful results. They serve a mean rabble-rousing Caprichon, one of their famed bestsellers, as well as mouthwatering Sisig, Roast Beef, Liempo and more. They’re aslo known for Paella, Seafood Kare Kare and Sisig Shooters. Everywhere you turn, the buffet table is laden with goodness you must try one by one so come a little bit famished and raring to reach for the Caprichon with enthusiasm.

There’s a lot to go around so grab hold of a couple of friends and beloved family members and have a go at the pasta for starters, or take it slow and make it interesting with salted eggs and tuyo before going full blast. Any which way, it’s bound to be an unforgettable epicurean pleasure, the likes of which go into your precious list of happy places where your palate is always satisfied. Primero Casa Filipino rose to existence just after the war and vestiges of the grand old life still abound and delight, so amidst the lively conversation from all the tables, try to take it all in in between spoonfuls of Suman Panna Cotta.

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