Set Meal at Golden Leaf Restaurant for P388 instead of P600

Half of the world, if not more, craves Chinese food. It’s one of the most longed-for cuisines on Earth which is understandable given the elements that have richly influenced it. Over the centuries, the Chinese’s glorious historical heritage has vastly spilled over to what they put on their tabletops. Enjoy food that’s as diverse as the culture behind it with today’s MetroDeal: Savor Authentic Chinese Cuisine: Sumptuous Set Meal at Golden Leaf Hong Kong Fine Dine Restaurant for P388 instead of P600.

There are three set meals to choose from, each as appealing as the other two. With Set A, start off with Corn soup with Quail Eggs, and proceed to the flavorful Soy Chicken and Beef with Vegetables. Set B whets your appetite with a steaming bowl of Clam Soup, and with Fish Fillet with Vegetables, and Sweet & Sour Pork for the main course. Set C will surprise you with a very Cantonese Fish Lips Soup which is a heart-warming soup made of dried fish lips. The main course for Set C are Three Cups Chicken and Sea Shells with Vegetables. All three sets come with Steamed Rice and Buchi for dessert.

If you haven’t been to Golden Leaf Hong Kong Fine Dine Restaurant, it’s truly a must-try especially if you’re an Asian cuisine enthusiast. Golden Leaf opened in May of 2011, and is growing in popularity among foodies for the restaurant’s  exotic Chinese dishes and great ambience, both of which are so well suited for a lively time with family and friends.

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