Set of 3 Premium Ultra Soft Cotton Round Neck or V Neck Shirts for P595 instead of P940

Trading comfort for style has been around for ages where constricting fabrics don’t just protect human beings from cold but define the desired shape of the body. Break free from the constraints of fashion with today’s MetroDeal: P595 instead of P940 for a set of 3 Premium V-neck or round neck white shirts and let comfort take the front seat.

Whether it’s a V-neck- or round neck classic undershirt, these shirts will always be made of ultra-soft, pure cotton specially finished for superior softness. It’s a brand that guarantees comfort, quality and innovation which made it America’s favorite undershirt.

The ideal shirt for men vying for the crisp clean look, these Premium Shirts are also considered as the perfect white shirt for women. It’s great for layering with its wide-cut design that doesn’t show the flabs and with just the right fabric thickness, your undergarments won’t be too visible. With a longer hem that stays neatly tucked as well as a reinforced neck-band that resists wear and tear, this top will keep you comfortable for a long time. Look good while moving freely with this latest offer from MetroDeal.

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