Overnight Stay in Stunning Calaguas Island with Meals, Boat Transfers, Island Fees & Tent starting at P1374

Anyone for a gloriously beautiful stretch of white Utopia? Sure, you’ve done the round of world-class hotels and resorts where they make your bath with just the right blend of lavender, jasmine, rose hips and a little Tahitian vanilla. But when they do things just the way you like it, and it starts to make you yawn, it’s time to rough it for a change! Spoil your soul in a place that’s totally unspoiled with today’s MetroDeal: Camp in Paradise with an Overnight Stay in Stunning Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte, with Meals, Boat Transfers, Island Fees & Tent for P1374 instead of P2290 per person for 6 persons per booking, P1554 instead of P2590 per person for 4 persons per booking, or P1680 instead of 2800 per person for 2 persons per booking.

Why exchange creature comforts for boat rides and a tent in the middle of nowhere with just family, friends, divine white sand and trees for company? Why would anyone want to get away to a place with not a single restaurant in sight and create his own entertainment? You got it: it’s incomparably fun. Especially for the kids when they get over the fact that there’s no elevator to play up-down-up-down in, but there’s a glistening body of water just steps away from the tent.

For Calaguas Island is like the beaches of your dreams, an island paradise untouched by Wi-Fi and cable tv. Picture that at night, under the stars, with water on one side of you and a forest-like patch of green on the other. Add to that the sounds of the night, the gentle rushing of the waves against the shore mingling with soft laughter wafting through the air, someone’s guitar-playing. Totally sublime.  Tent accommodations?  Perfect, although for sure you’ll find yourself inching your way out to sleep (or not sleep) on the sand with the midnight sky for a blanket. For food, you can bring supplies without the added expense of corkage, but a local cook plans to spoil you with island cuisine with three full meals, so just bring chips and beer to eat around the bonfire while you swap stories with friends.

6am – (ETA) meet up and breakfast in Daet6:30am – final call; meet-up at Jollibee, Daet7am -Boat ride to Calaguas from Vinzons, Camarines Norte10am – Island arrival (set-up camp)

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