P249 instead of P3500 for Radio Frequency and Lipo-Sculpt Cavitation Combo at Skin Suite Center for Dermatology

Imagine if you could just zap away unwanted ‘extra baggage’ with the swish of a wand like Harry Potter? Well, as it turns out, you can do exactly that with today’s MetroDeal, minus the ever-eventful trip down to Diagon Alley to pick up your magic stick. For P249 enjoy a combination of revolutionary new treatment at Skin Suite Center for Dermatology, proven to reduce fat, eliminate cellulite and tighten skin. You’ll be treated with the latest technologies to take home which can help to reduce cellulite, improve circulation and improve skin tone. The procedure is non-surgical, does not require anaesthetic and you don’t even need any recovery time, so you could do it in a lunch break! Regain your sexy figure (and loose up to 3cm/session in the process) with Skin Suite Center for Dermatology’s amazingly effective package.

It’s called Radio Frequency technology and Lipo-Sculpt Cavitation and they work by targeting deep layers of skin with radio waves and breaking down fat cells, thus being completely non-invasive and non-surgical. Hollywood stars like Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz have embraced these methods of slimming and firming as their new best friends. In fact, the treatments feel a little bit like having a warm massage and are completely safe. Collagen rebuilds beneath surface skin, making it tighter, while fat dissolves away. These treatments are already being touted as the natural successors to liposuction and they work best on areas such as stomach, thighs, buttocks, face, arms and neck. Here are a few examples of what you can avail of with your MetroDeal voucher:

Body Shape: An advanced firming and slimming treatment that effectively combats fat cells, cellulite and “orange-peel” looks. It works best on areas such as stomach, thighs, buttocks, arms and neck. Very effective for diminishing stretch marks!

Face Shape: Rejuvenating the skin and improving collagen production, this is the instant way to also eliminate wrinkles and relax facial muscles. It is quick and painless and strengthens the connective tissue of elastin fibers and collagen, thus improving collagen production and rejuvenating the skin. Anti-aging in person, so to speak, this process reverses aging up to 5 years and is truly age-defying.

Face Lift: controlled radio frequency technology is used to safely diminish wrinkles and fine lines, contour the face, lift sagging skin and remove unwated facial fat and at the same time drastically improving skin quality.

The predominance of calming colors of the The Skin Suite Center for Dermatology epitomises the symbiotic purity and modernity they offer. The cool, clean lines and prominent lighting create an impeccable atmosphere that is complemented by comfortable furnishings, reflecting the welcoming and quality service inherent in all their treatments. This clinic is adeptly equipped with the latest medical and cosmetic products and equipment to fulfill all beautification needs and desires.

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