2 Heavy-Duty Forearm Lifting Straps for P450 instead of P1700

With Hercules nowhere to be found and with Ben Affleck replacing Christian Bale as Batman, you’re left to your own devices come moving day or any day you need to lift 500-pound objects. No worries with today’s MetroDeal: Lift Heavy Furniture Easily with 2 Heavy-Duty Forearm Lifting Straps for P450 instead of P1700.

The straps harness your forearm strength to turn you into a lifting dynamo without a dynamo pain in the lower back. In the case of a heavy bookshelf, for instance, just secure both bottom sides of it that’s nearest the floor onto the waiting straps, insert your arms into the holes in the said strap and let your partner do the same from his end. At the count of three, lift, and watch the shelf move from one side of the room to the other. You’ll be amazed at how little energy you need to exert to do the move.

For less weighty matters, the straps can come in handy as well. On moving day when surfaces are dusty or spread with grime, there’s no need to drag mattresses across floors and get them dirty as well. Just harness, lift and off you go. The straps also make rearranging and redecorating a joy. As you know, changing the look of your home always breathes new life into your surroundings, a creative way to combat the blahs. You could say the straps are uplifting in more ways than one.

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