Double Grill Non-Stick Die-Cast Pressure Pan for P1199 instead of P3500

When you furrow your brow and think hard enough, it seems conventional cooking, even of vegetables, is not such a win-win situation after all because the whole process incurs so much collateral damage. You cook to kill bacteria lurking in meat and vegetables, and to release the enzymes that release flavors, but at the same time nutritive value is sacrificed. Cut cooking time and save as much nutrition from your ingredients as you can with today’s Metrodeal: Cook Healthier & Tastier Dishes Using Less Oil with a Double Grill Non-Stick Die-Cast Pressure Pan for P1199 instead of P3500.


The pan features a unique pressurized covered design and a food-grade silicone gasket that prevents natural juices from vegetables and oil from meat from escaping thereby sealing in flavor. It allows you to fry meat and sauté vegetables even with just the juices from the meat itself, with no need to add more oil.  The same goes for steaming vegetables—just place your greens in the middle of the pan, cover and steam from the veggies will provide the moisture. For marinated slabs of meat, just pan-grill them and get that barbecued flavor without ingesting traces of harmful charcoal.

With heat evenly distributed and sealed tight in, cooking time is cut significantly. The Double Grill Non-Stick Die-Cast Pressure Pan makes cooking a breeze, and ensures sealing in flavors of food and especially the nutritive qualities of your ingredients. Because it’s non-stick with four layers of coating, it’s very easy to clean and no food is wastefully stuck to the pan. You enjoy everything you cook up to the last delicious morsel.

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