Twinkling Moon & Star LED Lights with 8 Light Rhythms for P899 instead of P1800

Hail to Christmas, the world’s favorite season! Christmas brings about a special kind of heartfelt joy in everyone. However, if, like Coldplay, being an adult has taken a toll on you, just turn up the lights and wish for the best fervently upon the stars with today’s Metrodeal: Make it a Star-Spangled Christmas and Hang Merrily Twinkling Moon & Star LED Lights with 8 Light Rhythms for P899 instead of P1800.

One night many moons ago, Chris Martin, a.k.a. Coldplay front man, had a hard time believing it was Christmas, but that’s what you get when you insist on treading along Oxford Street waiting for snow to fall and hanging hopes on old, dimming chandeliers. In fairness to him, when he saw them down the street, it did dawn on him to pin his hopes on Christmas lights instead. And you should, too! In fact, don’t wait for the neighbors to put them up. The mere act of stringing along lights has a magical effect, so strew a handful of them yourself, and get the brightest and jolliest you can find, such as these Moon & Star LED Lights.

Each moon and each star is made of a bevy of tiny LED lights so the effect is far from flat and blah, but rather one that is almost facet-like. LED consumes 33% less energy so light up the season from dusk ‘til dawn with no pinch in the pocket. Throughout the 12 weeks of Christmas, you can also mix it up a bit by changing how the tiny lights twinkle each night, with eight happy light rhythms to choose from. These moons and stars are guaranteed to help make Christmas your happy place once again. 

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