We know how much you missed our Classic Bestsellers!

Sprinkle some fun today with our Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles and Strawberry Sprinkles together with our other bestselling varieties that are making a comeback all in one box!


The current fan-favorite assorted varieties include:

Ring-Filled Chocolate Iced Kreme

Ring-Filled NY Cheesecake

Glazed Chocolate Cake

Nutella with Almonds

Original Glazed with Nuts

Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles

Strawberry Iced with Sprinkles


Share your favorites and grab a box or two now!


*The inclusion of each assorted dozen is pre-assorted depending on the available varieties in store.


*You may order from http://www.now.krispykreme.com.ph, 888-79000, Hotline+ (https://bit.ly/krispykremehotline), Foodpanda, GrabFood, LalaFood and from our stores (https://bit.ly/KKPHdeliverystores).